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I have worked professionally photographing individuals, proposal and engagement shoots, weddings, and have experience with pet and family photography. 



I specialize in capturing the simple beauties of the outdoors. 


Video Work

As the Video Editor at Outside Bozeman Magazine, I produce, direct, film, and edit gear review, activity, location, and in-house humor videos. I shoot on a Canon R5, as well as a DJI Mini 2. 

Female influencer recording a video

Product / Lifestyle Photography

Whether it's a product or experience, photography has the power to capture and tell a story. 


Real Estate

I have experience using bracketing, drawing to-scale floorplans, & 360-photography. All images taken by me, but edited by TruPlace team. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 1.57.57 PM.png

Writing Samples & Graphic Design

I have written a various amount of published articles for Outside Media Group, including experiential, profile, historical, and educational pieces.


As the Marketing Manager at Outside Media Group, I design a lot of house advertisements and promotional materials, for print and digital platforms. 

Writing by the Water
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